For twenty years, I worked in the realm of representational painting, but more recently my mode of expression has been abstraction. Color, texture and composition are still central, but the means of expression comes from a more internal place and goes through a new filter, one still attracted to and deeply interested in the light and feel of any environment, but being reassembled with some added psychic and spiritual dimensions - a more subconscious source. 

While my representational work still reflected a very abstract compositional quality, it was within the framework of a landscape or rendering of an actual subject. My interest in the poetry of color, composition and texture are enduring and expansive with the creation of a new vehicle to convey it. It was never about the actual objects I painted; they are not the thing, the painting is the thing. Now, I am letting my intuition guide me and tapping into a rhythm, letting the line, brush or shape go without looking at anything––just letting my hand guide that line, sort of meditative automatic drawing. My newer paintings are based on these drawings, but I’m bringing my skills as a painter of illusion into them as well, form embodying spirit.

            Some of it has sprung from a trauma that occurred in 2015, the subsequent recovery, and the complicated joy of pressing on through darkness. The work expresses a different measure of time, open and nonlinear. Moving in waves, on all fronts, slower and persistent. It’s a fitting and natural approach for my process and my work now.

Rachel Maxi works and lives in Seattle, Washington

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Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH 1988

Exhibition History

Solo Shows:

2018 Imogen Gallery, Astoria, OR

2016 Calypte, Seattle, WA 

2014 Zinc Art, Edmonds, WA

2013 Amo Art, Waitsburg, WA 

2010 G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA

2010 Some Space, Seattle, WA

2009 Grey Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2008 Phyllis Stein Art, Los Angeles, CA

2008 Some Space, Seattle WA 

2006 Bass Gallery, Seattle, WA  

2005 Artemis Gallery, Seattle, WA 

2004 Marghitta Feldman Gallery, Portland, OR

2004, 2002, 2001 Artemis Gallery, Seattle, WA 

Group Shows:

2018 Studio e , Seattle, WA - One Room - in conjunction Seattle Art Fair, Seattle, WA, August

2018 Studio e, Seattle, WA 

2018 Studio e Pop up at Amandine, Seattle, WA 

2016 Seattle Painting Now Survey curated by Matthew Offenbach - Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA 

2015 Linda Hodges Gallery, On the Road, Seattle WA

2013 Linda Hodges Gallery, Suburbia; Dream or Nightmare,Seattle, WA 

2012 G. Gibson Gallery, Elles, Seattle, WA 

2010 Seattle Art Museum Gallery, Urban

2007 Vermillion Gallery, Seattle, Gathering, WA 

2007 Seattle Art Museum Gallery, Place

2004 City Space Gallery, Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs; Transition and Transformation; 

Seattle’s Emerging Public Arts Roster; City Space Gallery, Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, 

City of Seattle

2004 Tacoma Art Museum; Contemporary Artists Revisit Race, Place and Memory

2003 Davidson Gallery, Still Life Today; Seattle, WA

2000 Seattle Art Museum; 2000 ½; Going Forward, Looking Back

2000 Lead Gallery; Seattle, WA; August

1998 Horsehead – A Collection of Site Specific Work; Seattle, WA

1993 In Situ Gallery; Cincinnati, OH

1994 C.O.C.A. Northwest Annual

In Addition:

- Artist Trust Auction Participant: 2007, 2009

- PONCHO participant, 2002, 2006, and 2008 – Artist Merit Award Winner

- GAP Grant Recipient, Artist Trust, June 2006.

- Public Art: Electric Gallery, Seattle City Light Transfer Station; 

14’ x 100’ 2-D installation entitled: Home Illumination; commissioned by the 

- City of Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Purchase Awards: November, 2003, 2005, 2013 

- Selected as one of 26 artists to the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs Emerging

Public Arts Roster, 2002.

Publications: Seattle Times, Seattle PI, Astoria - Coast Radio interview. Tacoma Art Museum Show Catalogue, Lewis & Clark Territory.

In Tetouan, Morocco, 2018

In Tetouan, Morocco, 2018